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Bird Free Fire Gel - Introduction


Bird Free Fire Gel How & Why it Works
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Developed originally in Korea, Bird Free Fire Gel is in widespread use across the world and over the last few years, has built an enviable and proven track record for delivering fast, effective and lasting results

Bird Free Fire Gel - is it safe?

The UK Health & Safety Executive has granted Bird Free a "Derogation" (exemption) under the EC Biocidal Products Directive (EC No. 1451/2007) on the basis that its active ingredients are recognised as foodstuffs.

...which means that unlike alternative chemical pest control products, Bird Free Fire Gel can be installed by a competent and responsible handyman or DIY enthusiast or pest control specialist.

For many, the DIY or handyman installation approach is the preferred option, given the significant cost savings that can be made compared to the high cost of using Pest Control Specialists, who often charge their staff out at up to £400 per person per day.

Bird Free Fire Gel is "Non Flammable"

Bird Free presents no risk of  bursting into flame (see the product safety data sheet), but in fact gets its name from the way that it`s seen by birds.

To a bird, the harmless (and invisible to the human eye) Ultra Violet (UV) light projecting from the natural food grade oils in the Gel, is seen as a flame and hence a hazard area to avoid. 

Here`s how the human eye sees the Gel    

and here`s how a bird sees it


the UV view that causes birds to see the Gel as fire


The "Fire View" is the main deterrent element of the Gel and one of the key reasons that the product works so quickly and effectively as a bird repellent ...and also why it`s sometimes referred to as Bird Free Optical Gel.

Birds however also find the smell and taste abhorrent, providing another good reason to avoid the area (not an issue for the less sensitive nose of humans)

Touch provides the third deterrent element of the product. Should a bird come into physical contact with it, the act of preening obviously involves the birds taste & smell senses, which act as a deterrent to repeat contact.


Originally supplied in mastic type tubes to be dispensed into dishes using a caulking gun on site, the product is now supplied in ready to use, pre-loaded dishes, to simplify installation and reduce installation time by up to 50%.

Sold in boxes of 15 pre-loaded dishes, for larger jobs there are also special prices for multi box orders. 

Key facts at a glance;

   -  quick and easy to install
   -  suitable for DIY (or professional installation)
   -  effective ...rapid results
   -  will not harm or injure birds or other animals (i.e. family cat)
   -  unobtrusive when installed
   -  maintenance free and long lasting
      (2 year manufacturer guarantee ...but still effective over 5 years after installation at monitored live sites)
   -  use indoors or outdoors (withstands all weathers and harsh environments including marine applications)
   -  very competitively priced solution compared to other types of bird deterrent such as bird spikes, acoustic deterrents, etc

Bird Free is suitable for use indoors or outdoors (and in all types of weather)

From blazing sun, to snow or torrential rain, the weather does not effect the Gel which has proven to be still effective over 5 years after installation, even when used in harsh environments, including salt water sea lanes.


What our Customers Say -

Bird Free dishes were installed yesterday on a dormer roof where seagulls had nested last year (and we`d endured weeks of noise and being divebombed and the rest when the chicks, predictably, fell off the roof into the garden.) The deterrent effect was immediate! The gulls flew over a few times but veered away, and have even abandoned their lookout posts on the chimneys above the dormers. The peace and quiet is blissful! Highly recommended product, much cheaper than bird-spikes, very helpful advice ...

Sarah (customer 5 star review via Reviews.co.uk)

Now you can buy Bird Free Fire Gel on line;

Whether you`re a private home owner, a small business or buyer for a large company or local authority, we`d be happy to supply you with your Bird Free Fire Gel supplies.

Need just a single 15 dish pack?  a large quantity?  or just advice, whatever your needs, we`ll be pleased to help.

      -  buy individual packs

      -  take advantage of our special cost saver multipacks

      -  call for prices if you need large quantities - tel: 01273 475500


Bird Free Fire Gel, the 3 way Bird Deterrent
...that`s saving Businesses & Governments money
"worldwide" and every day! 



Quick and easy to apply and instantly effective, Bird Free Fire Gel (also sometimes called Bird Free Optical Gel) is now available in handy pre-loaded dishes


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